4 Ways To Maintain And Take Care Of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms seem like the least favorite place to clean for many people. Counting on what we put through them every day, the place is entitled to special cleaning daily. Well, there is no denying that the modern bathroom fixtures have made the cleaning job quite easy for us. Even then, regular cleaning is a must to keep its plumbing fixtures intact and your bathroom off of any foul odor. We are here with some amazing tips from our home efficiency experts to clean, maintain  and antisepticeye your bathroom and fixtures effectively and in no time. Let’s have a look.

Sufficient Ventilation

To maintain your expensive bathroom fixtures, ventilation is a must. Otherwise, the humidity, moist and bathroom fluids will discolor their appearance and the quality of your bathroom air will turn dingy. Make sure, you have a window in your bathroom so that there is an outlet for steam to escape after the shower. If not, get your bathroom fan and exhaust working. The insufficient ventilation will give way to molds and mildews. The hack is to check all the damp patches regularly. The shower tray, sink bottom, tub bottom, faucets, fixtures, and rims are difficult to access but are the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Even a little clogged debris can cause extreme hygienic issues in your little place and that all can be undone with proper ventilation and regular cleaning.

Wash Off Your Plumbing Fixtures Daily

We know that the bathroom fixtures come with harsh price tags. So it makes cleaning and maintenance crucial of your toilet, sink, and bathtubs that go through enough dribbles, soap, bath fluids & oils, and body soil every day. The frequent usage builds a film of grime and dirt. Use soft scrub and bleach to rinse and disinfect their surfaces. For the bathtub and showers, use an all-purpose cleaner and let it stay for a while. This will help clean the film of bath fluids and oils from the accessories. Use scrubbing pads, soft or abrasive as per your need to brush off the dirt and debris.

Apply Grout Sealers On Flooring

The sparkly tile flooring of your bathroom can grow infectious germs if not grouted. Without sufficient sealing, water gets in between the tiles and damages the adhesive that binds the tiles together resulting in the floor absorbing moisture, stains, and fungus. The grout sealers are waterproof and repel germs and moisture getting into the bathroom flooring while keeping its texture, consistency, and looks intact.

Toilet Cleaning

Use a good bowl brush when it comes to the toilet. A curved one would do a better job to flush away even the hidden deposits.  Spray cleaning liquid and give it time to clean off the slime. Use a pumice stone to remove the matter from the toilet ring. Being porous in nature, it’s a great tool to get rid of stubborn grunge. Disinfect the seat and lid, rims, tank, and toilet exterior with a disinfecting spray. The antibacterial sprays take time to kill germs. Make sure you clean the toilet first and disinfect it then clean the bathroom. So that the disinfection spray will have its time to fulfill its task.

We know grout cleaning Perth is an unaesthetic task. But it is a perfect place to breed microorganisms, bacteria, algae, and termites that can take over all corners of the house, if not cleaned frequently. Plus, it’s a toll on you if your costly plumbing accessories damage due to low maintenance. Take an example of leaking toilet repair that can cause you hundreds of bucks and regular maintenance can save you that.