Do you want to be more sustainable? Choose Vintage, the Pros say

Vintage is certainly not new. And yet, its reference horizon has never been so composite and vital. Accomplices many professionals who in this universe have found numerous possibilities to bring their interests together, interpreting the recovery of furniture and objects according to multiple meanings. In dialogue with the territory, the attention of growing customers, respect for the environment and new forms of economy.

Giving a more refined identity to an interior, surprising with a cultured quote, but also reinventing the ancient with the canons of the present. With a nod, if possible, to environmental reasons and to an economic model, the so-called circular one, which makes exchange – and not ex novo production – the virtuous paradigm to follow.
The reasons for buying vintage furniture have never been as numerous as they are now. And it is nice to discover that every professional reinterprets these reasons in his own way, following experiences and instincts matured over time. who told us about their approach by sharing with us knowledge and insights on why, today more than ever, vintage is “the new black” (or perhaps it would be better to say “The new green”?).

Tommaso Spinzi is an interior and product designer from Milan who has found in the collection of modern furniture an important way to enrich and complete his own design research. Between contemporary and modern, his crossover approach, he tells us, is «A lifestyle that allows me to enhance many authentic pieces with a history, perhaps made by important companies that have made Italian design great. At the same time, vintage is also a choice of dialogue with a lot of Milanese architecture of the 60s and 70s, to which to add a fresher look, but which does not detach too much from the building » .